1410 NW Vivion Road - Kansas City, MO - 64118



What to bring:

Photo ID
Bottle of Water
Slip on Shoes or Flip Flops

What to wear:
Comfortable athletic clothing that is free of zippers, buckles, or any other sharp edges that may injure you or your partner or damage the mat.
If available, you will be provided with a loaner gi.

What will I do first?
Make sure you don’t step on the mats with your shoes on!
Introduce yourself to the instructor and be sure they know you are new.
Read and sign the Health and Information packet, this will take around 5-10 minutes.  This must be done before you step on the mats.
Get changed out if necessary.

Stepping on the mats:
Make sure you don’t step on the mats with your shoes on!
Please briefly bow before stepping on the mats, it does not need to be anything too formal.
Say hello to everyone who is already on the mat, introduce yourself to new people.
Start stretching!  Focus on your hips, lower back, and legs.
Before and After class, everyone will line up by rank, take your place at the back of the line so you can see what everyone else does.