In Memoriam - Keith Owen

Professor Keith Owen lived and breathed jiu-jitsu.  As a 4th Degree Black Belt under Master Pedro Sauer, Keith Owen dedicated his life to continuing the legacy of jiu-jitsu and founded the Team Rhino Association based out of Boise, ID.

In June of 2006 Professor Keith Owen took a chance on a new school and invited Wildfire Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to be a member of Team Rhino, over the next 6 years, Keith visited Kansas City at least twice a year, often times with his wife, Shirlane.  During those visits, aside from seeing a few concerts, a UFC, and always getting some BBQ, he awarded 20 Blue Belts, 8 Purple Belts, and 2 Brown Belts to our teammates.

In February of 2022, while attending a Pedro Sauer seminar in Brazil, Keith passed away suddenly, but peacefully in his sleep.  Keith was in Brazil with his wife, his jiu-jitsu mentor, and surrounded by the martial art to which he dedicated over 20 years of his life, the only better end that could be written to his story would be to end it in the year 2052 instead of 2022.

Keith is survived by his wife, three sons, and a grandson that he unfortunately never met.  His legacy will live on as an amazing instructor and friend.

Rest easy my friend, we all miss you very much.