It can be difficult to talk about real world self defense scenarios and preparedness with your club members, employees, or coworkers  Book a private self defense seminar and learn a few basic self defense techniques in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  This is a hands on experience where you will work up a sweat while throwing, escaping, and even submitting each other in a controlled and safe environment.  We will also answer any questions and do our best to dispel any urban legends about self defense (NO, wasp spray does not work as well as pepper spray...and don't put your keys between your fingers like Wolverine).

Wildfire BJJ will provide additional instructors and training partners to make sure everyone in your group gets the maximum amount of attention and detail possible all the while maintaining the safest possible training environment.  We are also available to travel to your location and demonstrate or talk about real world self defense.

Some of our past groups include: 

The Order of Man Podcast - Missouri Women's Council of Realtors - Gary Crossley Ford Employees - Johnny's Tavern Power and Light - Girls Pint Out - Riverside Survival Supply Prepper Fair

Contact us at WILDFIREBJJ@GMAIL.COM for available dates and rates!

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